Symposium – Strategic Planning & Institute of Sales Management Certification

The world of work has changed. There are major changes taking place in the way work is distributed around the world, and in the way, it is managed and performed. The symposium hosted by Sabah Skills & Technology Centre on 23rd April 2018, focused on the polarization of jobs, the decline of the permanent employment contract, the rapid technology changes and the need for employers to be able to operate with flexibility that matches the workers’ need for more stability and work-life balance, The incidence of “non-standard” employment, informal employment, the shift from 3-D employment, fragmentation of production processes that has led to outsourcing has increased the demand for highly-skilled work-force.
The speakers for the symposium were Mr. Andy Preston, Director of Andy Preston Ltd, Mr. Roger Bradburn, Chief Operating Officer Institute of Sales Management (ISM), Mr Ambrish Bansal, CEO of Klaspad PLC, Mr Thomas Moverley – Corporate Account Director of Institute of Sales Management (ISM), and a Live Webinar from Mr. Peter Thompson, Founder of the Achievers Club.