Restaurant Challenge

With the mission to empower people with innovativeness and productiveness, Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) is always creating opportunities to create a holistic learning environment for the trainees.

Restaurant Challenge is one of the highlighted events that everyone looks forward to in SSTC. The mentioned activity is well-known within the Culinary Arts (CA) course, in which trainees are involved in the planning, preparation and marketing of their food and beverages.

Furthermore, not only does this activity allow the trainees to showcase their skills, it also serves as a stepping stone for their career growth.

Recently, the CA trainees with the supervision of Chef Rasyiedah Zullpikal held this event on 22 & January 2020 in SSTC, allowing the trainees to gain experience in operating a restaurant. With the theme of  ‘Malaysian Street Food’, the involved trainees marketed their products and the hard-earned profit goes to their class funding for future expenses.