Blood Donation

19 January – Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) organised a Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with Blood Bank Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kota Kinabalu. The one day campaign was held at SSTC and has received an enthusiastic support from its trainees and staff. It was a success as the number of donors has exceeded the Blood Bank Unit target with 62 pints collected at the drive. This effort is not only to promote awareness of the significance of blood donation that can save lives but also as a response to the emergent need of blood reserves. The unit is low in blood reserves especially during year end and first two months of the New Year. SSTC first organised the Blood Donation Drive back in 2006, and since then aimed at making at least two campaigns a year. To date, SSTC has collected 1, 351 pints of blood.

Blood-Donation-News BLOOD DONATION DRIVE attracted more than 100 trainees and staff with 62 people entitled as blood donors