Facilities Rental


Our Rates

Seminar Room (min.4 hours)

Member (RM 40.00 per hour)
Non Member (RM 50.00 per hour)

Computer Lab (min.4 hours)

Member (RM 70.00 per hour)
Non Member (RM 80.00 per hour)

Conference Room

Member (RM 20.00 per hour)
Non Member (RM 30.00 per hour)
Conference Room 1 – Maximum of 15 persons
Conference Room 2 – Maximum of 24 persons

Safety Equipment

Blasting & Painting Facility (RM 800.00 per day)
Welding Bay (RM 150.00 per day)
Scaffolding Equipment (RM 300.00 per day)
Breathing Apparatus &
Oxygen Tank (RM 500.00 per day)
Gas Detector (RM 300.00 per day)

Add On

AV/IT Equipment

Laptop (RM 30.00 per day)
Projector (RM 80.00 per day)
PA System (RM 150.00 per day)
Portable White Screen (RM 50.00 per day)


Bottled Mineral Water (RM 2.00 each)


Stationeries (Paper & pencil)
Speaker (Small)


2 Tea breaks & 1 Lunch (RM 25.00 – RM 30.00)
2 Tea breaks (RM 15.00)
1 Lunch (RM 15.00)
1 Tea break (RM 10.00)
*Catering rate is negotiable depending on food requested

For more information or inquiry, please contact Ms. Sharlene at 088.496613 ext. 116 or email [email protected]






  • Companies using/renting any of SSTC’s equipment will be liable for damages due to misuse or mishandling.
  • SSTC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking of rooms or equipment if the same is required for other purposes.
  • Type of room arrangement must be notified 3 days in advance from the date of rental.



  • Consumables such as blasting sample, abrasive or welding consumables will not be provided.
  • Upon return and inspection any and all repairs necessary and or accessories missing that were itemizes will be charged at our current rates and billed to the renter.
  • A full day rental is charged, even for a partial days use. There are no refunds for early returns. The renter agrees to pay the regular rental rate for each day that the merchandise is in his possession and until it is returned to the renter.



  • 70% deposit is required upon confirmation of agreement. Full payment of 30% after event is completed.
  • Cheque payments should be made to “Sabah Skills & Technology Centre” or be banked into our Maybank account 5101 430 22 828.
  • A penalty of 50% will be imposed for cancellation. Cancellation must be made no later than 3 working days prior to commencement date.
  • Any additional equipment request, administrative services or pax for catering will be charged accordingly.
  • All rates are NOT inclusive of 6% GST.



  • Companies/Individuals renting any of SSTC’s equipment will be liable for damages due to misuse or mishandling and will be billed accordingly. Damage may include, but are not limited to wall damage, chair breakage, computers, audio visual equipment, all safety equipment, etc.
  • SSTC assumes no responsibility for the loss, or damage to, property of the renter or guests on the SSTC premises.